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About Shark Awareness Education

Alex Antoniou, Ph.D., the developer of this online training course, has been working with and studying sharks for over 16 years. This training course is the culmination of years of work in the field. He began his work by establishing a field station for the Shark Research Institute (SRI) in the Honduran Bay Island of Utila and subsequently convinced the Honduran Government to enact protection laws for the whale shark in their territorial waters.

He was the first to tag whale sharks in the Caribbean with satellite tags. From Honduras, Alex moved on to study sharks in Mexico and the Galapagos Islands. Recently, he initiated a acoustic-telemetry program to study scalloped hammerhead sharks at Cocos Island, Costa Rica. This research is ongoing with PRETOMA with plans to tag more sharks in the future.

Dr. Antoniou also works in Mexico. In 2008 he helped to tag white sharks with acoustic transmitters and also helped deploy acoustic receivers for data collection. The work in Mexico also includes the first tagging of sharks at the Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro) south of Cabo San Lucas. During expeditions from 2008 to 2011 a total of 30 sharks were tagged, including scalloped hammerheads, silvertips, and Galapagos sharks. The data from this research project is already beginning to collect valuable information that will hopefully lead to increased protection at these remote islands. The research in Mexico is continuing in the coming years with more plans to tag white sharks at Guadalupe Island and hammerhead sharks at Revillagigedo.

Alex has a passion for shark research and shark conservation around the world. For a decade, he served as the Director of Field Operations for SRI and now continues his efforts by partnering with researchers around the world to help with shark research projects. He recently partnered with other dedicated individuals in Colorado from the Denver Aquarium and A1 Scuba Shop to co-found Fins Attached: Marine Research and Conservation, a new non-profit organization dedicated to protecting sharks around the world. Alex feels that more people need to become engaged in protecting these magnificent and valuable yet vulnerable creatures. Becoming educated about sharks is the first step. A portion of the Shark Awareness Education course fee is being used to fund the research conducted by Fins Attached. Thank you for your support.